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Monica Hernandez, CEO

Meet Monica - YouTube Interview

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Monica Hernandez in Toronto

Calgary Tower - Canada

My journey into this career has been quite an incredible adventure. With up’s and down’s, one thing that has been given to me always, is plenty of personal and professional growth opportunities.

I immigrated to Canada in 2005, with a bag full of hope, clothes and my hair styling perks, which helped me bring income for the first weeks in this new life of mine. A life that I got to choose and that has provided me with an incredible sense of accomplishment and joy.


Canada has given me the best of my life, in both my personal and professional aspects. I have learned to grow from an adventurous, Metallurgical Engineer with a deep thirst for technical subjects; to a successful entrepreneur that leads multicultural teams all while helping others in their personal growth journeys.  I absolutely love the ability to help the growth of each one of my team members, peers, mentees, delegates, colleagues, clients and friends.


As Ray Bradbury quotes: “You've got to jump off cliffs and build your wings on the way down”.  I decided to jump.  As in many other times, I decided to jump and start over.  

I am fully aware that I have full control over my life.  I can always turn the page, start writing a new chapter and succeed.  The power resides within myself, so I am all for it!  And so are you.  You own your life, your decisions and the consequences that come out of them.

I will embrace what is coming, the challenges and opportunities, highs and lows, laughs and tears. LIFE.  After all, I am convinced it’s the best for me!

"My bests accomplishments are the ones achieved together, as such,  I am part of some incredible teams of magnificent people, and I consider myself very fortunate, that I can get to spend my days with each one of them".​

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