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Welcome to our Press Section. Here you can find the latest news and updates about our company as well as podcasts Monica has been a guest on. We are always happy to collaborate with journalists and media outlets, so please don't hesitate contact us if you need any information or materials.

CEO, Monica Hernandez is available to speak on Corrosion, Materials, Asset Integrity, Leadership, Women in Business, and Mentorship; in English, Spanish and French.


Growing concerns about the sustainability of the planet are demanding radical changes to the traditional methods of materials production, use, and disposal.

Corrosion Basics Materials Selection & Design Sustainability


CIO Global is a leading magazine and media company dedicated to providing insightful and authoritative content on the latest trends and technologies in the world of information technology.


With more than 100 collective years of experience directly related to Integrity and Corrosion Management Infinity Growth is leading the charge toward more Sustainable Management of Assets, all while contributing to Circular Economies practices and sustainable operations.

Arty Finch - Business Maturity Podcast

Solutions and Leadership Lessons from Metallurgical Industry

Expert | Podcast With Monica Hernandez


Empowerment Minutes Podcast


Episode 87 of the Empowerment Minutes podcast hosted by Dr. Maurine Kwende is focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). To mark women's history month, our special guest Mónica Hernández shares her journey as a woman leader in stem and some challenges women leaders from minority populations face from stem backgrounds even though they have a seat at the table. Monica shares strategies leaders can use to be more intentional about DEI in the workplace. She also shares proven strategies leaders can use to ‘extend the ladder’ and be more inclusive in the workplace.

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