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Harnessing Diversity: The Science of Success and Personal Growth with ADHD

Materials.Business Newsletter ⚙️ June 12th, 2024

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Podcast Guest: Michael Peres

Exchanging experiences and perspectives on the development of the profession for each individual becomes a real challenge and a great opportunity. It demonstrates that despite any situation, limitation, or problem, each person can achieve their goals with effort and tenacity.

Our special guest, Michael Peres, is a multipreneur who works in technology. He is an engineer, a journalist, and an author, among other things. His great passion is understanding human aging. He graduated in computer science and mathematics and is currently studying biomedical engineering.

Michael wrote a book called “The World Less Traveled,” which describes his childhood and how he entered the business world. It is inspiring to know that he learned to accept differences and evolved positively to live with his ADHD diagnosis and the learning limitations that a child facing stigma must overcome. Growing up in an Orthodox Jewish environment as a child with different abilities is admirable.

Michael's childhood conditions required him to exert extra effort to understand and adapt to extreme conditions while growing up, suppressing doubts, or the way to asking questions. He developed the eloquence needed for each scenario. Education has always been a space with strict rules and a defined pattern of learning topics in depth.

Learning to Turn a Limitation into a Strength

Michael recognized that he was different from others and found ways to become the best version of himself. He has dedicated his life to studying, giving up friends, and spending countless hours learning until knowledge became almost an addiction. He learned not to give up, not to be a victim of circumstances, and to accept his learning problems and difficulty concentrating, contrary to conventional educational norms.

His diagnosis propelled his aspirations and achievements to this day. We all have vulnerabilities and limitations, but self-discovery and evolution in life are what enable us to enjoy great success as human beings. Having a clear objective helps us project our path toward what we consider personal, professional, and academic success, bringing us closer to individual definitions of success.

What Strategy Can Foster Professional Development?
This involves decision-making, discipline, dedication, and sometimes sacrificing situations and circumstances to achieve it. Developing sufficient skills to reach our goals and mastering them to compete in an environment that allows financial gain indicates success. Personal growth and development require stepping out of the comfort zone, making decisions, and effectively pursuing our goals.

…“If we do not have malleable and adaptable skills, it is very difficult for us to find comfort and security in an environment that changes so rapidly. COVID felt like a stress test for that. It helped us realize that our skill set really depends on very specific conditions. First of all, you know, we're in the virtual environment. We are heading towards a virtual environment. This is not necessarily advice for everyone, but for those who are starting their journey, you should choose a skill set that you have”…

Is It Possible to Achieve Success?

It is essential to achieve balance and ensure mastery in a specific area rather than doing many things ineffectively. Virtual and remote work makes professional development multifaceted for almost any profession. It's about mastering what you do, maintaining a thirst for learning, and not focusing solely on making money.

That undoubtedly changes the perspective of seeing the world differently. Leaving behind childhood and school limitations and using your brain to progress and develop new skills continuously. In conclusion, develop your skills to the maximum and enjoy it.

…“ADHD, you know, they tell you to focus on a specific task to get things done. Makes sense. I do it very well. I have learned to master it. I didn't struggle with my ADHD; instead, I used it to my advantage. I've learned to multitask. If my mind wanders, I let it drift into another constructive area. I can code for 20 minutes, answer emails for 20 minutes, watch a documentary for 20 minutes, and have the documentary continue playing while I finish my coding. This way, I stay excited” …
Taking advantage of what is natural for a person with ADHD is like accepting and mastering what others see as a limitation, turning it into a strength to achieve defined goals.

Are the Limits Only in the Mind?

Each person's efficiency is unique. It is about developing individually, achieving goals, and feeling happy along the way. Fulfillment. Another aspect discussed is that each person should consider what connects to their process and journey. Self-care and discipline are undoubtedly of utmost importance from any perspective.

When facing limitations defined by others as barriers, Michael compares how a woman can face a male-dominated profession, confront fears, and earn respect to balance and level the playing field.
You can achieve your objectives if you are clear about them and determined to do so. Determination and discipline are key.

In conclusion, it is evident that traditional education methods and rigid academic teaching schemes do not apply to all individuals. Many brilliant minds may be overshadowed by a lack of support and the inflexibility of these conventional approaches. Recognizing and embracing individual differences, as exemplified by Michael Peres, highlights the importance of adaptable and personalized learning experiences. By understanding and leveraging personal strengths (and so perceived weaknesses), we can overcome limitations and achieve remarkable success. Let us strive for an inclusive environment that nurtures the unique potential within each person!




Michael Peres
Michael Peres (Mikey Peres) is a serial entrepreneur with a background in software engineering and journalism. Holding degrees in computer science, mathematics, and Jewish studies, Peres is deeply passionate about understanding human aging and is currently advancing his education in biomedical engineering. As a founder, Peres has launched multiple ventures in the tech and media sectors. His companies include Her Forward, dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs through mentorship, education, and networking opportunities; Hexa PR Wire, a platform for press releases; Scale My Publication, which focuses on developing news publications; and HexaCloud Services, providing premium WordPress hosting solutions. Peres is also the author of "The Road Less Traveled," where he shares insights from his life journey, particularly how he managed ADHD to carve out a unique and independent path. This book is not simply about managing ADHD, but about the broader experience of breaking free from traditional constraints and finding personal fulfillment. By sharing his story, Peres aims
to inspire others to explore and embrace their individual paths to success, regardless of the challenges they face.

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It's a wrap for the Women Engineering Summit (WES)!

The seventh annual Women in Engineering Summit (WES), held on June 7th, 2024, was a remarkable success, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the WES team, the organizing group, and volunteers. This event significantly contributes to supporting women and other minorities in engineering.

Special thanks to the sponsors whose contributions made this hybrid event possible. The summit featured excellent keynote speakers, moderation, panels, and insightful presentations from speakers representing women engineering professionals, indigenous women, and the LGBTQ+ community. Their participation marked a significant step towards raising awareness and promoting inclusion within the engineering field.

Key discussions at the summit focused on fostering inclusion, professional organization, and the well-being of professionals. Emphasis was placed on the importance of business connections and interactions for the growth of the technical community. The summit also highlighted the "30 by 30" initiative and Diversity Inclusion (EDI) efforts, which aim to increase the number of registered women professionals in engineering to 30% by 2030.

Additionally, the event addressed crucial topics such as resilience, overcoming obstacles, self-care, and reorganizing our lives and thoughts. The importance of empathy and resilience in diverse companies was underscored, emphasizing the need for immediate action to foster these qualities in all organizations.

Overall, the summit successfully unified the engineering community around shared goals of professional satisfaction, well-being, and inclusion. Congratulations and hope to see you in the 2025 version.

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