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Inhibition of localized corrosion propagation driven by galvanic coupling on carbon steel

Materials.Business Newsletter ⚙️ October 17th, 2023


Podcast Guests: Bernardo A. Farah Santos

Summary of the discussion

In this enlightening conversation, Monica Hernandez and Bernardo Augusto Farah Santos delve into the complexities of localized corrosion, its propagation, and the crucial role of corrosion inhibitors in preventing catastrophic failures in the oil and gas industry. Bernardo shares insights from his recent research and highlights the need for continuous vigilance in managing the dynamic nature of industrial processes. For more about his publication, click here!
Localized corrosion, particularly in carbon steel, poses a significant threat in the oil and gas industry due to environmental factors and the initiation of corrosion mechanisms.

The propagation of localized corrosion occurs due to factors like galvanic coupling, a phenomenon where different areas of a material exhibit varying electrical potentials, leading to corrosion spread. In this study, a potentiostatic technique was employed to assess the propensity for localized corrosion propagation in carbon steel pipelines. The experiments were carried out under conditions simulating produced water (comprising 5 wt% NaCl, pH 4.5, and CO2 saturation) at both 55°C and 80°C. Initial data was collected using linear polarization resistance and potentiodynamic polarization tests.

He used the potential static technique to simulate different conditions and tested how inhibitors can stifle corrosion by monitoring changes in current after injecting the inhibitor. Bernardo emphasizes the importance of carefully selecting corrosion inhibitors and understanding their chemical dependency on inhibiting localized corrosion. He also highlights the need for further research in exploring different types of inhibitors and improving our understanding of disruption mechanisms, which can lead to inhibitor desorption and reabsorption on the material's surface.

On a higher level note, they discussed the Importance of Corrosion Awareness, this episode of the podcast emphasizes the critical importance of understanding corrosion, which affects various aspects of our lives and can lead to significant real-world consequences as well as mastering a Simplified Communication Style, Bernardo and Monica stress the significance of explaining corrosion topics in simple terms to engage a broader audience, making this critical subject more accessible.

Bernardo's extensive research underscores the intricate interplay between localized corrosion, inhibitors, and environmental conditions in the oil and gas industry. It emphasizes the importance of remaining vigilant in monitoring and managing the ever-changing dynamics of industrial processes. Additionally, the future of corrosion research holds promises in investigating various inhibitor types and gaining a deeper understanding of disruption mechanisms to enhance corrosion prevention strategies. This conversation provides a glimpse into the complexity of corrosion control and the ongoing quest for innovative solutions in the industry.
Bernardo Santos is a PhD candidate in Material Science for the Federal University of São João del Rei, Brazil and since 2015 he has been dealing with research on materials and corrosion at the Center of Surface Engineering, Tribology and Electrochemistry, in Brazil. From 2021 to 2022 he worked at the Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology at Ohio University, developing research on corrosion inhibition. Currently, he has moved to Norway where he is both preparing for his PhD defense and working at Seram Coatings, a company that is the fruit of an academic research that led to making possible the thermal spraying of silicon carbide.
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