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Leading with Love and Ethics: Shaping a Sustainable Future

Materials.Business Newsletter ⚙️ November 07th, 2023

You are being watched - YUP you heard me...

As I sit down to write this chapter of our newsletter, I can't help but reflect on the past week's events, where the path of leadership intersected with my personal journey, sparking emotions that I'm eager to share with you. This week has been a whirlwind, filled with presentations in diverse fields, from engineering and leadership to immigration and sustainability. Yet, the one experience that truly touched my heart was witnessing my 10-year-old child standing before a room full of educators and industry experts, sharing his own entrepreneurial endeavors.

In those moments, I realized the profound truth that we, as leaders, are always being watched. Not just by our teams and colleagues, but also by our families, friends, and society as a whole. The weight of this responsibility is immense, and it's a journey that we all must navigate with care.
As an engineer by profession, I spend my days confronting challenges and seeking solutions. My family and friends can attest to my tendency to dig deep and stir the waters in pursuit of positive change. Here is my summary for y'all...

Leading with Love: A Blueprint for Leadership
The journey of leadership is a dynamic one, marked by choices that leave an indelible mark on those we lead and the world we shape. It is in this context that we turn to Marcus Buckingham, a prominent researcher and thought leader, who has dedicated his career to unraveling the intricacies of strengths and leadership at work.

In his quest to define the future of work, Buckingham champions a strengths-based approach that centers on love, yes, love as a core element of leadership. He believes that leading with love is the key to unlocking untapped potential within individuals and teams. Love, in this context, is about truly believing in people, their capabilities, and their potential to grow and excel. It's about creating an environment of trust, support, and empowerment.

Buckingham's philosophy aligns seamlessly with the heart of my own leadership journey, where my unwavering belief in people has been a cornerstone of my success. In a world where we are constantly being watched, it's imperative that we as leaders embrace this ethos of love. It's a commitment to seeing the best in others, guiding them to their full potential, and fostering an atmosphere where individuals can thrive and contribute their best.

High Road Leadership with John Maxwell
In our exploration of leadership, we also draw inspiration from the teachings of John Maxwell. Maxwell's concept of "high road" leadership emphasizes the importance of ethical and principled leadership. High-road leaders are driven by values, integrity, and a commitment to doing what is right.

This concept resonates deeply with our theme of leading with love. High-road leaders are not just concerned with achieving success; they are equally committed to doing so with honor and integrity. They place the well-being of their teams and the greater good at the forefront of their decision-making process.

This combination enables us to lead with love while upholding the highest ethical standards, fostering an environment of trust and authenticity. As we reflect on these principles, it's evident that leadership is not a solitary journey but a collective effort. By embracing love and ethical leadership, we pave the way for a brighter future for our teams, organizations, and society as a whole.

As we navigate the path of leadership, let's remember that every decision we make, and every action we take, resonates far beyond the present moment. It's a call to action, not just for us but for all leaders, to make choices that align with long-term plans, use data-driven insights, and consider the lasting consequences of our decisions.

Bridging the Gap: Leadership, Love, and Avoidable Incidents Our world has been scarred by avoidable incidents and accidents that have caused immeasurable harm to both people and the environment. It's a sobering reality we can no longer afford to ignore. These incidents often result from a lack of responsible leadership, failure to prioritize sustainability, and ethical lapses. But there is hope, and it lies in our approach to leadership.
As we've discussed, Marcus Buckingham advocates for leading with love, which is about believing in people, nurturing their potential, and fostering an environment of trust and empowerment. It's a leadership approach that encourages personal growth and ethical behavior.
Similarly, John Maxwell's concept of high-road leadership underscores the importance of ethical principles and doing what is right. High-road leaders are driven by values, integrity, and a commitment to the greater good. They set an example of ethical behavior and prioritize the well-being of their teams and the broader community.
Now, let's connect the dots. By embracing these leadership philosophies, we can proactively prevent avoidable incidents. When leaders lead with love, they create a culture of safety, trust, and responsibility within their organizations. Team members are more likely to speak up about potential risks and ethical concerns, ultimately averting disasters. Love-based leadership fosters an atmosphere where ethical behavior is not just encouraged but expected.
Moreover, sustainability and circular economy, which have become my passions, align perfectly with these leadership ideals. Sustainable practices are ethical practices. They take into account the well-being of the environment, society, and future generations. When leaders embrace sustainability, they are committing to avoiding environmental disasters and negative social impacts.
In essence, Marcus Buckingham and John Maxwell teach us that love and ethical principles are not just soft values but strong pillars of responsible leadership. By embodying these principles in our leadership journey, we have the power to prevent avoidable incidents, break free from the cycle of past mistakes, and pave the way for a better, more sustainable future.
Let's remember that leadership is not just a title but a HUGE responsibility, a call to lead with love, integrity, and dedication to the well-being of our world. As we navigate this path, we can create a legacy of positive change and impact that extends far beyond our own time.
This link underscores the importance of love-based and ethical leadership in preventing avoidable incidents, fostering responsible practices, and driving positive change. It connects the concepts of leadership, ethics, and sustainability in a way that underscores their interdependence and their role in shaping a better future.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of reflection and responsibility. Let's continue to lead with love, for people, companies, and our planet. Together, we can make a meaningful difference.

If you want to view my son's winning video [the one that got him this speaking slot] here is the link!

Lucas, speaking at the Building Futures in Alberta Conference - Nov. 4th, 2023.


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