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The Importance of Chemical Health Safety in Our Lives with Fabian Benzo

Materials.Business Newsletter ⚙️ June 26th, 2024

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Podcast Guest: Fabian Benzo - How Safety in the Chemical Industry can Shape on'

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In this enlightening episode of the podcast, Fabián Benzo Moreira, an expert in chemical safety, engages in a profound discussion with host Monica on critical topics related to workplace safety, leadership, and personal fulfillment. This conversation provides valuable insights into the necessity of maintaining health and safety in professional environments, particularly in the chemical industry, and explores the dynamics of effective leadership and motivation.

Discussion Points

Safety First in the Chemical Industry: Fabian underscores the paramount importance of ensuring safety in the chemical industry, emphasizing that work should never compromise health. He explains that the primary goal should be for workers to return home healthy and for consumers to use products safely. He identifies the root cause of many accidents as inadequate information and stresses the importance of understanding chemical dangers and proper handling measures. Thorough reading and comprehension of product labels and safety data sheets are crucial tools in preventing accidents and ensuring safety.

Challenging Cultural Norms: The discussion also tackles cultural attitudes towards workplace hazards, often seen as inevitable "gajes del oficio."
Accepting risks as part of the job should not be tolerated. Work should positively contribute to health and well-being.
Fabian critiques this mindset, advocating for a shift towards a culture where work positively contributes to health and well-being. He argues that accepting risks as part of the job should not be tolerated. Instead, the focus should be on creating a work environment where employees feel valued, recognized, and motivated, ultimately leading to better health outcomes.

Effective Leadership Strategies: Fabian delves into the role of leadership in fostering a safe and productive work environment. He emphasizes that leaders should lead by example, demonstrating genuine concern for their team's well-being. This involves creating an environment where individuals feel motivated and recognized for their contributions. He highlights the challenges of motivating younger generations, who often have different expectations and lower tolerance for frustration. These generational shifts have partly influenced his decision to leave academia after a long, fulfilling career.

Personal Impact of Workplace Incidents: The podcast also features personal stories that underscore the importance of safety protocols. Fabian recounts a significant incident from 1992, where a lack of information about a chemical's explosiveness led to a serious accident that almost costed his life. This experience motivated him to focus on improving workplace safety, leading to the introduction of mandatory safety courses in his faculty. Monica shares a story from her industry experience, where a worker lost an eye due to not wearing safety glasses properly, reinforcing the critical need to understand and respect safety protocols.
This incident motivated him to focus on safety, leading to the introduction of mandatory safety courses in his faculty. He emphasizes that understanding and correctly estimating risks are essential in preventing accidents, stressing the balance between not underestimating or overestimating dangers.
Aligning Personal and Professional Goals: A recurring theme in the discussion is the alignment of personal motivations with professional roles. Both Fabian and Monica emphasize the need for self-honesty and adaptability to maintain motivation and fulfillment in one's career. They discuss how individuals can achieve a sense of purpose and satisfaction by aligning their work with their personal values and motivations. Fabian concludes by advocating for a positive perspective on challenges and reclaiming the value of chemistry as a beneficial tool. He wishes the audience well, hoping they find the best ways to respond to life's questions and pursue their paths to happiness.

In this episode, Fabián Benzo Moreira sheds light on the critical importance of safety in the chemical industry, stressing that work should enhance health and well-being rather than compromise it. He challenges the cultural acceptance of workplace hazards and advocates for safer work environments. Leadership is highlighted as a key factor in this transformation, with leaders needing to set examples and show genuine concern for their teams. Fabian's personal story of a laboratory accident and its impact on his life underscores the necessity of safety and the importance of understanding chemical risks. Both Fabian and Monica emphasize the alignment of personal motivations with professional roles, advocating for self-honesty and adaptability to maintain motivation and fulfillment.

He concludes with a call for a positive perspective on challenges and a renewed appreciation for the beneficial aspects of chemistry, wishing the audience success in their pursuit of happiness and effective responses to life’s questions.

I am convinced that somehow our path of happiness has been built by the response we give to those Parakeets that are emerging. So I wish you the best of the Parakeet ....Fabian Benzo Moreira! 


Fabian Benzo M.
Fabián Benzo Moreira es Magister en Quimica de la Universidad de la Republica de Uruguay. Es ademas Master en Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo (SST), especialidad en sistemas de gestion de la SST y auditor lider certificado internacionalmente de las normas ISO 45.001:2018, ISO 14.001:2015 y ISO 9001:2015. Fabian cuenta con amplia experiencia en el control de registros quimicos y en la implementacion de sistemas de gestion. Fue docente de la facultad de Quimica durante 27 anos, habiendo ejercido el cargo de "Profesor Titular" y Director de la Unidad Academica de sistemas integrados de Gestion.

Desde hace mas de 10 anos, se desempena como consultor y capacitador internacional, incluyendo varias agencias de Naciones Unidas e integra el directorio de expertos en el Sistema Globalmente Armonizado de Clasificacion y Etiquetado de productos quimicos de Naciones Unidas de UNITAR/OIT. Es miembro titular del Comite de la Industria Quimica de IUPAC y Jefe del Programa de Entrenamiento en Seguridad. Ha publicado dos libros y dictado mas de 50 conferencias en diversos eventos y foros internacionales.

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