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Unlocking Success in the Energy Revolution: Key Highlights from the 24th World Petroleum Congress

Materials.Business Newsletter ⚙️ September 26th, 2023

In an era defined by the transformation of the energy landscape, one vital factor emerges as pivotal for the industry's triumph: the acquisition, allure, and retention of skilled talents capable of unearthing new opportunities. The 24th World Petroleum Congress, held in Calgary, unfolded as a groundbreaking event, resonating with the pulse of industry evolution. Here, we present a collection of noteworthy highlights that encapsulate the essence of this pivotal congress. The World Petroleum Congress is an event of global significance, held every three years in WPC member countries. It serves as the world's premier oil, gas, and energy forum, attracting heads of state, energy leaders, and technical experts. This platform addresses the challenges and opportunities of managing the world's petroleum and energy resources for the benefit of all. The 24th WPC in Calgary, themed "Energy Transition: The Path to Net Zero," featured a multi-stream conference, strategic and technical sessions, a vast international exhibition, programming for young professionals, and special events such as Canada Night, Women's Networking Breakfast, Ministerial Reception, Excellence Awards, and more.

1. Shaping the Future: Insights from the Youth
At the heart of the WPC's mission lies an in-depth understanding of the future workforce. Regularly, the WPC conducts surveys aimed at deciphering the perceptions of students and young professionals, individuals under the age of 35, regarding the global Oil & Gas Industry. These surveys delve into the motivating factors that drive them towards the sector, including career development, compensation, job security, workplace environment, and industry reputation. The invaluable results of this survey, unveiled at the 23rd World Petroleum Congress in Houston in December 2021, provided a comprehensive, fact-based perspective on talent attraction and retention within the industry.

2. Houston's Echo: A Continuing Conversation
The findings of the survey, first unveiled in Houston, reverberated within the halls of the 24th World Petroleum Congress. Experts gathered to dissect and deliberate upon the implications of these revelations. As the energy industry marches forward, it understands the importance of aligning itself with the expectations and aspirations of its future leaders.

3. A New Dawn of Diversity
One of the most remarkable shifts witnessed at the congress was the striking increase in gender diversity. Approximately 60% of presentations featured women as presenters, panelists, or co-panelists. This seismic shift not only reflects the industry's commitment to inclusivity but also heralds a fresh perspective on the challenges and opportunities lying ahead.

4. Shaping a Net Zero Future
The information shared at the Congress, coupled with the debates around progressive program topics, will help define realistic, workable paths for the global energy industry to achieve a net-zero future. With over 5,000 delegates from more than 100 countries, 50 ministerial delegations, 700 expert speakers, and approximately 200 media representatives, the Congress serves as a dynamic platform for shaping the future of energy. Over 15,000 unique visitors participated in the event, alongside an Exhibition featuring over 200 international exhibitors.

6. The World Petroleum Council: Driving Sustainability
Established in 1933, the World Petroleum Council is a non-advocacy, non-political organization with charitable status in the UK. It holds accreditation as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) from the United Nations (UN). The WPC is dedicated to promoting sustainable management and the use of the world's energy resources for the benefit of all. In addition to the triennial World Petroleum Congress, the WPC addresses all aspects of the industry, including its management, social impact, economic influence, and environmental footprint.

In closing, the 24th World Petroleum Congress was not merely a gathering of industry leaders but a beacon illuminating the path towards a sustainable, inclusive, and dynamic energy future. The congress echoed the sentiment that to thrive in an evolving landscape, we must adapt, diversify, and engage with the talents and perspectives that will drive our success in the years to come.


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