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How did you celebrate the 2023 International Corrosion Awareness Day?

We had an awesome photo contest - the picture showcased the winner photo sent by Muhammad Haris Qureshi!


Thank YOU all for your participation and for raising Corrosion Awareness in Every Day Life!!!


Cost of corrosion in Canada 

$51.9 Billion U.S. ($63 billion CAD)

The Canada IMPACT Study, highlights the results of the cost of corrosion across Canadian Industries; however, it also provides some strong guidance on how to equate investing in corrosion prevention into long term rate of return.  It presents some clear examples on how to communicate long term financial risk of corrosion into Asset Management decisions, such that all stakeholders will understand the importance of prioritizing corrosion prevention as part of sound business practice.


Links to the report and results: 

Materials Performance Article (p.22-26)

Study Results Report

Interested to have a presentation about the results of the report for your team? Contact us for a free presentation!





Sharing is caring ... some freebies for you !

As the world changes and we are called to look at ways that we Manage integrity and corrosion in a sustainable way, in a way that is more circular and adequate, we have participated in several presentations, co-written articles and co-published materials that support these concepts. 

- Corrosion and Protection challenges and opportunities in the frame of a Circular Economy

- The role of the corrosion engineer in contributing towards the UN-SDG 

- Sabe usted cuanto es el costo de la corrosion en su planta?

If you are interested to discuss any of these further, dont hesitate to contact us!

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Sustainable Development Goals

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