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Lets celebrate The Leadership Month!

Materials.Business Newsletter ⚙️ February 13th, 2024


Leadership - a responsibility of all for all!

A permanent challenge
One of the biggest challenges for human beings is to be able to look back on their timeline and evaluate and conclude the results obtained. Unquestionably, each person contains his or her strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures, and an evolution specific to each situation that he or she experiences and overcomes in his or her life. Undoubtedly, we belong to a generation that managed to adapt to the development of world history, we have been participants in historical events that have written pages and chapters, so lucky or not, we are part of that history.
This generation of “adaptability” to the environment, technology, new energies, climate change, medicine, etc., and which to date already steps into the fields of artificial intelligence, even a topic that a few years ago was only part of the science fiction theme and that has also overcome pandemics and orphan pathologies as they are usually called, has survived holocausts and absurd wars that have cost the lives of many people who perhaps had another life projection. Humans can reinvent themselves and manage to reprogram their personal, professional, and environmental objectives to find balance and allow the development of personal and work leadership to flow.
Psychologically speaking, people's characteristics and abilities vary according to their history, personality type, and evolution itself. It is important to see innate leaders reach maximum peaks or fail in their attempts and leaders who are built along their journey, with the ups and downs that this entails. It is not enough to follow the established parameters to be a good leader. It is essential that people first ARE leaders of themselves, that they organize and structure their interior to be a vector that directs and projects.
Strength, courage, and above all, the attitude towards life and circumstances are of vital importance. According to academic theories, it is determined that a “good leader” must have certain general characteristics that are adaptable to his personal, work, family, and social environment, good communication, and the ability to assertively, effectively, and efficiently transmit each situation that allows achieving common objectives. Great leaders have the servant leadership heart and can lead with LOVE. Empathy, of primary importance, trying to know and understand comprehensively the situation of people in the personal, family, social, and professional environment, makes a leader closer to the human part of the individuals. Another important aspect is based on trust, and this is vital in any type of relationship, it is a value that in these times is violated and omitted and will surely cause the leader-collaborator relationships to fracture. A leader must project security above all, to be able to convey certainty in decision-making and performance through moments of tension or calm. In any of the areas, motivation is part of strengthening optimism and a leader who gives importance to motivating and recognizing efforts allows for a better attitude and efficiency.
An individual who demonstrates responsibility gives credit and receives support in any circumstance, this is projected and transmitted positively in every space of life. It is also important that the bases or foundations must have important foundations such as the different capacities as individuals, the personal capacities that allow a person to be “capable” of dissolving internal and external conflicts in a way that flows through the emotions in moments that require it.
In these times, the capabilities and knowledge of technological and academic development must evolve; in addition, among other factors, you must have the sufficiency and knowledge not only of basic but also in-depth knowledge of issues around you and the world. Technical leadership is very complex as we have been taught to study and develop science, however, we have not been instructed on leading, connecting, and communicating properly. It is indisputable that these bases or foundations focus their importance on social capacity and influence on the environment.
We are also part of a generation with imminent responsibility and the need to strengthen contributions so as not to continue being the rampant predators of natural resources, project and ensure that future generations receive a moderately optimal planet in conditions of survival and that in our times has been squandered, unconsciously and only with the limits that are increasingly worryingly shown to us, the results and analysis with statistics on the edge of climate, resources, limitation of raw materials, reduction of contaminants, etc., it has been shown that the damage that has been caused has been incalculable.
In conclusion, within this month of leadership, the proposal is to continue being part of a productive, sensible, effective mechanism, but above all responsible for each and every aspect of society and the world. The first stage is to be the leader of oneself to be able to transmit the message that allows us to raise awareness of the transcendental nature of this issue. Being leaders of this era makes us responsible so that history in the future allows our descendants to see that it was a productive generation, which also transmitted a lineage of respect and control of life and the planet. This, if it is an effective call, will justify that in another 70 years perhaps, the timeline will be looked back on with admiration and respect and not with questions and questioning as to why they received a disaster of resources.
A great context and logical and grandiose common purposes are needed, which positively direct towards a better world. We are all leaders who can contribute to our measure and
capacities to awaken to a new era. The future is here and now!


Special thank you to Carolina Hernandez for his contribution to this edition!  


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