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The Energy Garden: Teresa's Transformational Journey (energy transition)

Materials.Business Newsletter ⚙️ January 11th, 2024


Podcast Guest: Teresa Waddington

Summary of the discussion

Teresa Waddington's professional journey in the oil and gas industry, influenced by her parents' engineering careers, reflects a desire for change and a vision for a more sustainable future, emphasizing on the energy transition momentum we are navigating. Despite positive aspects, challenges, particularly as a woman in a male-dominated field, prompted her to reconsider her path. This narrative delves into Teresa's challenges, strategies, and the pivotal role of her support network, showcasing a transition from a traditional career to a more diverse, resilient, and purpose-driven trajectory.

Desire to Change Career Path for Family and Future Generations: Teresa's career evolution in the oil and gas industry was molded by her parents' engineering background. Despite appreciating the positive aspects, she witnessed challenges, notably as a woman in the field. This led to a profound reconsideration of her trajectory, emphasizing a transition towards a more diverse and sustainable energy future. Teresa aspires to create a legacy symbolizing a shift in the workforce, ensuring a better future for her daughter and subsequent generations.

Challenges Faced in Career Progression: Teresa encountered obstacles as she progressed in her career, grappling with the conflict between professional advancement and personal stability. The demand for constant relocation clashed with her desire to be in the same city as her husband, compelling her to strategically transition to a commercial role. Additionally, the struggle against stereotypes, especially as a senior figure from a minority group, added layers to her professional journey.

Teresa's Toolkit:
Teresa underlines the significance of journaling, utilizing various forms of expression to navigate her emotions and assess situations logically. This introspective process enables her to identify the root causes of reactions, fostering personal and professional growth.

Recognizing the paramount importance of a support network, Teresa leans on family, friends, and professional connections for advice and perspective. This community aids in combating isolation and provides diverse insights crucial for navigating challenges.

Teresa advocates for empowerment through choices, recounting her journey of broadening professional options. Facing relocation, she initially planned an MBA but pivoted to creating content on LinkedIn and YouTube, establishing a new platform and expanding her external network.

Acknowledging the emotional stigmas women often face, Teresa highlights the biases encountered in the workplace. Overcoming these challenges involves self-reflection, understanding emotional responses, and finding healthy ways to address and navigate them.

Teresa emphasizes the importance of objectively analyzing emotional responses, allowing individuals to gain insights into their behavior, make peace with their emotions, and foster personal and professional growth.

Energy Transition: Canada's abundance of natural gas resources, emphasizing its potential contribution to the global stage. She mentions having "17 times the required amount of natural gas for an annual year". Teresa draws attention to a YouTube video called "The Magic Washing Machine," which underscores the transformative impact of energy on daily life. She believes in the social element of ensuring sufficient and clean energy globally and acknowledges the privileged energy access in the developed world. Teresa discusses the need for energy transition in developing nations to facilitate creative pursuits and contribute to a better world. While acknowledging the climate crisis, she argues for Canada's role in providing both natural gas and technological solutions for a zero-net world. Teresa emphasizes the importance of diverse thoughts, new ideas, and strong leadership in driving positive change in the energy transition.

Teresa's strategies for resilience and success emphasize self-awareness, a robust support system, and proactive decision-making. Her story encourages embracing authenticity, diverse perspectives, and pursuing passions. The narrative underscores the transformative power of community, the importance of core values, and the potential for positive impact on both personal and professional fronts. Teresa's call for leaders to take on challenges and drive change, particularly in critical areas like the energy transition, echoes a reminder that individuals possess the power to make a substantial difference. In her own words, she envisions "transforming my dad's oil patch into my daughter's energy garden," symbolizing a profound shift towards a more sustainable and diverse energy future.

Teresa is on a mission to turn her dad’s oilpatch into her daughter’s energy garden. This has driven her contribution to shaping the global energy garden, helping to plant and nurture the molecules, electrons, technologies, policies and workforce that will drive our energy transition. Teresa believes in thinking big, having fun and that the intersection of creativity and technology will be the ultimate transformational force in our society.  This mission – informed by her engineering education and diverse work experiences (from corporate relations to running a gas plant to leading a maintenance crew), along with a cheeky nature and a love of drawing - has driven her to create a YouTube channel where she animates a variety of industry-relevant topics. She’s been published numerous times in the Globe and Mail, typically from work inspired by her three kids and husband. She is always seeking to connect and communicate around energy.
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